Nov 132014

Ted Harlson - Conrad Lagowski


00:07 ‘A is A’ is Affected:
GUESTS: Ted Harlson, Conrad Lagowski, affected by Ayn Rand, personal paths to Objectivism, theory and practice, purpose of life, self-interest vs altruism, material and spiritual, promoting values, search for truth
15:55 ‘A is A’ is Aristotle: Ayn Rand’s critics, objections to Objectivism, confronting the critics, consistency of reason, dogma vs proof of truth, activating the mind
30:55 ‘A is A’ is Ayn Rand: taking the right action, from religion to reason, the unknown ideal, rational selfishness more strict than religious rules, lifeboat ethics, altruism as a philosophy, selflessness
47:15 ‘A is A’ is Activism: political and social activities, provincial Freedom Party candidate, municipal campaigning, Caledonia protestor, Undercurrent, The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, promoting full potential for life, maximizing the life in our years 53:42 END

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  1. Thank you for having us on your excellent show. I urge viewers to check the entire list of amazing and insightful guests interviewed here.

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