Sep 072023

There is a growing chorus of voices throughout the social media community that is warning of an imminent collapse of Western civilization.

Given the dystopian zeitgeist, it is difficult to avoid such a conclusion. We appear to have reached a tipping point, where open discussion is taking place about the probability of an assassination attempt on Donald Trump, the probability of a nuclear exchange between America and Russia, and the probability of censorship on a scale unprecedented.

Among the dystopian predictions is one concerning a “cyber attack,” including a complete shut down of the internet. This has sparked a discussion about the need for a return to “offline” media, including AM radio and short wave broadcasting.

“The future is offline,” recently predicted Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai – a significant prediction given that it was made by a U.S. presidential candidate and inventor of e-mail.

But the predictions are not all apocalyptic. Some hold promise, especially if considered “conspiracy theories” by the Left and the deep state. Most glaringly, the Left’s obsession with “Qanon” tempts us to comment “Methinks they doth protest too much…”

Meanwhile, General Michael Flynn has warned of a potential cyber attack, explaining how truly vulnerable the web is, and how easily the government can control it. For those seeking the facts and truth during such an event, access to alternative means of communication like short wave is among the recommended options.

Predicting which of the many apocalyptic predictions will prove to be Just Right is never a certainty, but it’s worth knowing that some predictions paint a future that is not dark, but bright.

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