Oct 122023

“The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous.” – George Orwell

Over the past week, the world’s attention has been shifted from the “war” in Ukraine to a “war” in Israel. In a matter of days, everyone’s attention shifted from the previous week’s frenzy about Canada, Russia, Ukraine and the Nazis in our midst (including Jewish Nazis), to yet another event calculated to engender global sympathy for Israel and the Jewish people.

What is happening in Israel today is directly connected to events in Ukraine; any attempt to isolate one event from the other is to fail to understand that World War III is already well under way.

“Distant history will view all of these wars as nuances, concluding that Wars I, II, and III were really one catastrophic conflict with time out for rearmament and recruitment,” suggests Bill Whittle in his recent review of wars past and present.

War is not the greatest evil to fear. It is the condition of tyranny that results when collectivism rules instead of individualism, which has been the default condition under which most of humanity has lived since the beginning of recorded history.

It is a sad reality of history that the number of people killed in wars fought against foreign enemies is utterly dwarfed when compared to the number of people killed, murdered, and enslaved by their own rulers and governments. In this context, wars are mere flash points of a given tyranny running into resistance, more often from another tyranny than from any popular or democratic resistance. Hence, perpetual wars.

In the Western nations, tyrannies have been hastened with the consent of the people, a consent that does not necessarily mean agreement or support – just cooperation and compliance.

Too many have failed to resist or to speak out against a growing tyranny when the opportunity still exists. In the classic “I see nothing – I hear nothing – I know nothing” expression of denial popularized in the 1960s television series Hogan’s Heroes, most “say nothing” – even in the face of outrageous injustices and horrors.

Despite this, governments are doing all they can to silence the few voices that dare to speak out in an effort to prevent those voices from being heard by others. The antidote to tyranny, and therefore to war, is to ensure that a critical mass of people “see something, hear something, and know something” that is Just Right – and then act accordingly.

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