Jul 252013



00:07 The London West Lie-Election: my adventure in politics, absent Al Gretzky, personal account of the first London West all candidates debate, Who is Al Gretzky?, media gap, Al Where Art Thou?, London Free Press, no tweet, Paul McKeever, Ontario Budget
24:45 The London Fringe Press? London Free Press, avoiding Al Gretzky, reader reaction to Free Press, erosion of the fourth estate, public record, many consequences of biased news reporting, the written word, if it isn’t written it didn’t happen
30:54 Bankrupt Philosophy – Bankrupt Detroit: Detroit bankruptcy, story of Detroit, Windsor, Motown music and CKLW Radio, Ayn Rand’s Starnesville, a tale of two motor cities
41:53 Capitalism Builds Cities, Socialism Destroys Them: unfunded pension liabilities, OMERS, fragile civilization, capitalism builds cities, socialism destroys cities, big city tribalism, fiscal mismanagement, Laissez-nous faire! – from 1680 France to 2013 Detroit, functions of municipal government, where the jobs are, London parallel, municipal government in entertainment, traffic calming curbs, basic services, mass transit 57:21 END

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