Dec 312020

With two conflicting COVID-19 narratives squaring off against each other in an information war, a new polarity is emerging: a ‘Great Awakening’ versus the ‘Great Reset.’

Increasingly more people are awaking to the reality that a false viral pandemic has been intentionally exploited as a propaganda weapon to promote the ‘Great Reset.’ Unfortunately, too many still exist in a zombie like trance induced by a hypnotically repetitive ‘mainstream’ narrative insisting that the viral pandemic is real, thus justifying all the lockdowns and controls.

This represents a direct threat to everyone’s freedom and begs the question: Is it possible to generate a ‘great awakening’ among those behaving like zombies?

Being confronted with evidence that completely shatters one’s understanding of a given situation often causes a condition called ‘cognitive dissonance.’ Thus, even though many have come to accept that the mainstream narrative about COVID is false, they nevertheless continue to comply or be agents of that narrative.

A great awakening related to COVID-19 and the Great Reset includes accepting that many people are evil, particularly those drafting and enforcing irrational mask mandates. Having demonstrated a willingness to resort to violence, can their ‘moral dissonance’ be overcome, and if so, how?

One thing is certain. We must begin with a broad understanding and acceptance of what the real threat we all face actually is. Throughout 2020, mainstream media reports about COVID-19 were singularly calculated to induce fear and anxiety. This was done by repeating misleading and irrelevant statistical narratives about increasing ‘COVID case’ numbers. These daily propagandist updates were a deliberate distraction from the government’s real agenda – the real threat – the so-called Great Reset.

Any ‘great awakening’ now depends upon the emergence of a legitimate media – a genuine fourth estate – one that is committed to discovering and reporting the truth, a journey that can only be embarked upon in an environment of free speech and open discourse. Such a ‘fourth estate’ could evolve from productions like Just Right in conjunction with the many other independent bloggers and on-line content producers who have already demonstrated a journalistic integrity and credibility that the mainstream media lacks.

Unlike the mainstream, with a literal 2020 hindsight we can now confidently say that our 2020 ‘foresight’ about COVID-19 was Just Right all along.

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