Sep 032020

We can confidently place most of the blame for public fear and ignorance about COVID-19 squarely on the mainstream media. This has apparently become the main mission of this propaganda branch of the Left, from which the misinformation originates.

Not surprisingly, those relying on mainstream media remain utterly unaware of the gigantic anti-COVID-19 lockdown protests occurring around the world. And what’s really remarkable, given the flood of up-to-date data and observable evidence to the contrary, a significant number of people still believe that COVID-19 is something to be unusually feared, when it has already statistically proven to be far less deadly than an average flu season.

Much of the media’s misinformation campaign has been intentionally driven by the use of false definitions and fraudulent statistics. Key words and terms continually misrepresented include the following: ‘SARS CoV-2 virus,’ ‘COVID-19,’ ‘pandemic,’ ‘cases,’ ‘deaths,’ and even the word ‘mask’ itself. Thus, confusion reigns.

By far, the most abused term is ‘cases,’ a favored statistic reported daily by propagandists. The question always begs asking, ‘cases’ of what? Rarely are distinctions made between ‘cases’ of ‘COVID-19,’ or ‘cases’ of ‘SARS CoV-2’ or ‘cases’ of ‘deaths,’ or even ‘cases’ they call ‘resolved.’ And it doesn’t help when the term ‘COVID-19 cases’ is used interchangeably with ‘coronavirus cases’ or other such combinations. Confusion persists, all for the lack of definition!

However, if the ‘case’ being referred to is a ‘case’ determined by ‘testing,’ then it can mean only one thing: the positive detection of the SARS Cov-2 virus, and nothing else – something that is completely innocuous and something that should be celebrated as evidence of a developed ‘herd immunity.’ However, complicating even these statistics are the admitted and outright lies about cases reported, and the utter unreliability of tests attempting to determine the presence of a specific virus that has yet to be isolated or identified! (No doubt the latter accounts for much of the former.)

Yet these now demonstrated realities still lie outside the consciousness of the general public. The scope of the fraud is pandemic itself.

One tragic statistic few seem concerned with regards the ‘cases’ of people who are suffering and dying directly as a consequence of the lockdowns and fascist rules of disassociation. That will soon change as the public slowly awakens to the true nature and scale of a crime wrought solely by their own politicians.

Theirs has been a campaign of ignorance leading to fear in the hopes of establishing a tyranny. It would be a defining and pivotal moment in history if the words we used in this political crisis actually related to their objective concepts in reality.

Controlling the COVID narrative is essential to ending this pandemic that is no health pandemic, but the fake narrative of a political conspiracy. We’ll know we’re getting it Just Right when ignorance, fear and tyranny begin to recede under the light of knowledge, courage and freedom.

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