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“History is made by minorities – or, more precisely, history is made by intellectual movements, which are created by minorities. Who belongs to these minorities? Anyone who is able and willing to actively concern himself with intellectual issues.” – Ayn Rand

Along with their global counterparts, Canadian politicians have become willing collaborators in a plan to establish global fascism. Leading the charge is Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, an avowed admirer of totalitarian government. As a globalist himself, Trudeau does not represent Canadians but instead represents a small group of evil individuals who have made no secret of their plans to destroy the West and all Western values.

Canadians are reliving a very familiar political pattern in history, not unlike that of the Vichy government in France during the last world war. Then, as now, the greatest weapon threatening the fascist German government was freedom of speech – and the power of the ideas being spread by those in the resistance.

“The battle of human history is fought and determined by those who are predominantly consistent, those who, for good or evil, are committed to and motivated by their chosen psycho-epistemology and its corollary view of existence,” observed Ayn Rand.

Note that ‘consistency’ is the key to success – whether for good or evil! It is the consistency of the fascist lockdown propaganda and its consistent repetition that have led to the ‘success’ of the global elite in destroying the economy and lives of millions. But unlike their consistent means, globalist messages and mandates have been glaringly inconsistent and contradictory so as to hide and disguise their true intentions.

This is why fascists fear freedom of speech above all since it only takes the consistency inherent in truth to undo all of their fascistic evil fantasies. Hence their ‘consistency’ in advocating censorship in every way possible.

Sadly, these evil methods of preventing discussion or expression of alternative views about everything from climate change to the nature of viruses have already had an evil effect. Apparently a majority of Canadians support the current fascist lockdowns and controls, and are demanding even more!?!

The good news is that a significant number of Canadians clearly support individual freedom, even though they may be a minority. Many have been expressing that support in the numerous massive ‘freedom rallies’ that continue weekly (consistently!) and which the mainstream media (with rare exceptions) ‘consistently’ avoids reporting.

As the minority expressing consistent ideas that correspond to reality and the truth, they have the power to win the struggle – as long as they consistently keep up their efforts.

So take heart. If you find yourself in a minority in today’s political climate, it’s probably because you’re Just Right.

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  One Response to “700 – Vichy Canada—a minority view”

  1. Excellent episode. We are now in fascist fighting mode. I have been treating it as such by distributing flyers and collaborating with other freedom minded associates to de-rail the globalist agenda here in Canada.

    Its incredibly sad but I detect the oil and gas companies are in the same awkward position the cigarette companies were in just prior to the dictatorial campaigns to stamp out smoking. Without energy, Canadian lights will go out.

    Thank you for your consistent voice against all forms and evil extensions of socialism which threatens us all. The other day I got a phone call from a Latvian woman whose family had gone through communist oppression. She ended up crying and praying in despair about what she was seeing. I said, I’ll keep fighting and speaking up and not stop fighting. A phone call out of the middle of nowhere – from B.C. – a stranger. I will keep fighting to overturn this communist/fascist siege.

    Thank you for your integrity. — Ted Harlson

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