Mar 252021

Facebook ‘fact checkers’ recently confirmed that the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ may indeed be weapons of mass destruction. How did they do this? By using ‘fact checkers’ to deny it.

British doctor Vernon Coleman recently made waves by producing an on-line video (Brand New Tube) entitled “COVID-19 vaccines are weapons of mass destruction.” Those who shared it on their Facebook pages were soon informed by Facebook that the post contained “FALSE INFORMATION – Checked by independent fact-checkers.”

Not only that, but a second post generated by Facebook appeared with the heading: “Fact Check: COVID-19 Vaccines Are NOT ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction.” So we wondered. Who ‘fact checks’ the fact checkers?

So we did. And the first fact we discovered is that the practice of ‘fact checking’ is pure propaganda – calculated to spread fake news and misinformation. Thus the question arises: why would they do this and what are they hiding?

When social media sites resort to ‘de-funding,’ ‘de-platforming,’ censorship and ‘fact checks,’ they are acting out of a fear that some concealed truth may be revealed. In this particular case, the emerging truth about the so-called COVID-19 vaccines could derail global plans to ‘vaccinate’ the majority of the world’s population. Worse, it might reveal intentions so sinister that the average person of good will simply cannot bring himself to acknowledge them.

As agents of the vaccine agenda, this is understandably knowledge that they would not want a majority of people to know since this might cause many to reconsider getting a jab. In addition to outright censorship, ‘fact checking’ has become another means by which they can keep most of the public confused and misinformed.

‘Fact-checking’ is simply censorship in disguise. Even when accurate, facts are not truth. The truth is determined by constructing a ‘true’ narrative – applying the known facts – one that reflects reality and meets the test of reason.

Contrary to the ‘fact checkers,’ those seeking truth, not just the facts, understand that freedom of speech and open discussion are the only means by which any ‘fact’ can be verified in a way that’s Just Right.

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