Apr 082021

Many of those driving globalist lockdown agendas have been described as psychopaths, sociopaths, or just plain evil. There is plenty of evidence to support all three descriptions. But how is one to judge those who follow and support the tyrannical measures devised by this handful of deranged collectivists?

The concept of evil has been portrayed and described in many ways and in differing cultural contexts. Presented as attractive and appealing, evil always depends upon the willing consent of its victims. It is often not recognized until it is too late for the victim to do anything about it.

Of course, in any objective sense, evil must be understood to refer to those human thoughts and actions that lead to the intentional destruction of the self or others. With Life as the standard of the Good, Death becomes at once the symbol, the objective, and the consequence of the moral vacuum that creates Evil itself.

History has demonstrated that the desire to rule and control the lives of others is invariably evil. Yet this evil persists and can be found in the collectivist agendas promoted behind the facades of fighting ‘climate change,’ flu viruses, and various social and economic ‘inequities.’ But these fictional agendas have been created to altruistically justify the real agenda.

This singular agenda is not merely to control the world’s inhabitants, but to reduce the number of human beings on planet earth. It is an agenda openly declared and shared by those behind Agenda 21, Agenda 30, the Great Reset, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the Club of Rome, and other communist and totalitarian regimes.

Despite the various identities and names of these groups, they all promote a single common agenda – that the few should rule the many and that the many should be forced to comply. Since compliance by direct force is often difficult, the force is first applied through indirect means justified by altruism – from the imposition of ‘carbon’ taxes to tyrannical lockdowns to the forced submissive wearing of harmful masks in public. In other words, they have fooled the victims of their agenda into becoming willing participants in their own destruction.

How is this possible? How is it that so many – a majority if one is to believe current polls – so willingly support that which is evil and self-destructive?

“Most of the harm in the world is done by good people,” wrote Isabel Paterson in her book the God of the Machine when, in 1943, she identified the reality that ‘evil triumphs’ – not merely because ‘good men do nothing’ – but because ‘good men’ openly and actively support evil.

This occurs because most evil hides behind a cloak of altruism and of ‘doing good’ to others. The goal may be laudable, but the means is always destructive. In mistakenly identifying collective altruism as the ‘good,’ many otherwise good people end up supporting evil. This is forgivable if one learns by one’s mistake. But can ‘good’ people continue to be regarded as such when they continue to perpetuate their error?

Invariably, collectivists must resort to the use of force and coercion to accomplish their pretended altruistic ends. But it is a fundamental principle that ends and means are always the same. One can never achieve a ‘good’ end by evil means, nor has this ever been accomplished.

It follows then, that all of the current coercive means being justified to eliminate a ‘viral spread’ are evil – and are not a means to some promised end. Lockdowns, fines, mask mandates, arbitrary imprisonment, censorship of any truth, limits on freedom of association, forced vaccinations, etc. have already been declared to be the ‘new normal,’ as offensive a term to describe pure evil that one could possibly concoct.

Politically, freedom and capitalism provide the only moral social environment in which people can deal with one another honestly – through consent, not by coercion and threats of violence. This is why today’s world ‘leaders’ hate freedom and capitalism with such a vengeance. For this alone, they are evil.

Evil invariably resorts to the use of force and coercion because it cannot otherwise defeat the good. Happiness is never achieved by ‘owning nothing’ and becoming subservient to the few who own everything. This is a sure formula for misery and death – the real goal of collectivists everywhere.

Freedom and individualism have always proven themselves to be the good. Tyranny and collectivism have always proven themselves to be the evil. Until these eternal truths are recognized, the majority who are good may fail to realize that it is they who have the real power, not the evil minority.

After all, those who know and understand what is good fear no evil because they also know that evil fears them – as evil fears all things Just Right.

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