Oct 202022

Behind the totalitarian urge to form a “one world” government lies a veritable menu of sinister conspiracies. We have reached a point of convergence where it is increasingly difficult to separate otherwise seemingly unrelated events from each other.

Fighting climate change. Fighting Russians. Fighting Covid. Fighting free speech. Threatening nuclear war. Forcing vaccine injections. Collapsing currencies. Stealing elections. Etc.

Taken individually, each of these events is concerning enough. Together, they are symptoms of a civilization in the process of collapsing. When civilizations collapse, they do so on many fronts, but in the end, there is really only one battlefront: the philosophical one.

Philosophy embodies values, and differences in philosophies become most visible when in political conflict. These conflicts manifest themselves more within nations than between them. Hence, Left versus Right.

However, when it comes to the Left, not only is it in conflict with the Right, but with reality itself. So positioned, Leftist ideology is always forced to rely on coercion and conspiracy to gain power.

It is ironic that those who expose the Left’s conspiracies should be labeled “conspiracy theorists” when the conspirators themselves openly announce their conspiratorial plans well in advance, even giving them names like the ‘Great Re-set!” Worse, whenever the Left observes increasing numbers on the Right acting in unison, this is presented as evidence of “conspiracy.”

However, unlike tyranny, freedom is not sustained by force and fraud, but through reason and consent. When human beings collectively abide by a reality-based moral code that is Just Right, calling it a conspiracy is just wrong.

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