Dec 152022

Thinking rationally requires accurate and precise definitions without which thinking cannot be valid or effective. Since destroying the ability to think is key to the advance of any form of tyranny, this requires the use of anti-concepts – normal words with twisted definitions that do not correspond to reality in any way.

“Misuse of language is the means by which the Marxist cult of communism has done the most serious injury to intelligence,” wrote Isabel Paterson in her monumental work, The God of the Machine.

“Marxist terminology reduces verbal expression to literal nonsense on the basis of fact and usage; the phrase ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ is like ‘the roundness of a triangle,’ a contradiction in terms. It has no meaning. This is specifically the language of fools; for the deficiency which is indicated by the word ‘fool’ is the incapacity to understand categories and the relation of things and qualities.”

In other words, everyone on the Left is a fool or has been ‘fooled’ into believing something that is not so.

Perhaps the most foolish concept to surface of late has been the contradictory “round triangle” concept called “stakeholder capitalism.” Described by the king of fools Klaus Schwab as a system in which we will “own nothing and be happy,” his twisted definition is as far from anything to do with capitalism as one can get.

In the realm of political concepts, the Left represents tyranny while the Right represents freedom. So it should not be surprising that the Left projected its own evil on to the Right, by falsely claiming its own ideology of fascism to be “right wing.” This has destroyed the ability of those who accept this lie to even be able to think about the reality of the choices that face them. Believing that they have no choice but the lesser of two evils at two ends of an imaginary non-existent “political spectrum,” many on the Right are blinded from making any choice at all, much to the delight of the Left.

Until more people come to understand what’s Just Right and what distinguishes it from everything Left, Word War 3 may soon no longer just be a war of words.

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