Nov 212019

Don Cherry

It’s remarkable what such an innocuous phrase as ‘you people‘ can tell us about we people.

The termination of Don Cherry‘s career over his concern – and the way he expressed it – about how so few people in Canada today wear poppies on Remembrance Day was less a story about Cherry than about the growing intolerant mindset of Canadians.

This intolerance is particularly applicable to those obsessed with race, open border immigration, and virtue signalling.

The associative train of thought, along with a complete abandonment of context that was necessary to condemn Cherry as a racist and a xenophobe is both outrageous and irrational. According to the logic, ‘you people’ = ‘immigrant’ = ‘people of color’ = ‘racism and xenophobia’ – and whatever else one may subjectively wish it to mean.

When the simple word ‘immigrant’ has become synonymous with the term ‘people of colour,’ or if you prefer, ‘people who are not white,’ this is an epistemological disaster. It destroys our ability to think about – and to distinguish between – the act of moving from one country to another with the colour of a person’s skin.

This, of course, is exactly how those on the Left want it. Associative thinking destroys the ability and opportunity to discuss each of these issues in a rational open forum. It is a form of political correctness and political correctness is always the enemy of truth.

Ironically, none of these issues or debates are relevant to the concern that Cherry was expressing.

Sad to say, when the mindset of the mob has been turned into a forum for virtue signalling , there simply is no way for anyone to express any rational opinion in a way that is Just Right.

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