Oct 192017


Believing that those on the Left are merely people of good will with opposing or differing opinions on the role of government, many are falsely led to believe that the Left is interested in an honest political debate and democratic consensus.

But this is simply not so.

The Left hates freedom, hates capitalism, hates Western values, and of course, hates everything that’s Just Right.

For the political Left, hate is, and always has been, the prime motivator. For the Left, violence is an acceptable means of “expressing free speech.” For the Left, principles don’t matter. For the Left, “When persuasion fails, just use force.”

Given that all ideologies of the Left (collectivism in various forms – communism, socialism fascism, etc.) either fail miserably or produce misery for those forced to live under Leftist rule, this should come as no surprise.

As a consequence, the Left preaches “love” while practicing hate. The Left preaches freedom of speech while practicing censorship. The Left demands “jobs” but doesn’t want to work. The Left uses the words “peace, inclusion, diversity, and love” but seeks disruption, exclusion, conformity and hate.

On today’s Just Right, you’ll hear members of the Left proudly confirm these very hypocrisies in their own words and through their own actions.

From the recent “counter-protests” organized against PEGIDA, to the destruction and/or misrepresentation of Gene Roddenberry’s vision of Star Trek, London Ontario has once again offered the world a universal exhibit of the Left – both in theory and in practice.

By inventing terms like “Alt-Right” to mean “racists that say they aren’t racists,” the Left has nevertheless acknowledged that racist beliefs are not to be found on the Right, but on some kind of “alternative” to the Right. (Hint: it’s called the Left). The Left still inappropriately uses the term “Nazi” (a purely Leftist ideology) as a pejorative against the Right.

Most on the Right cannot comprehend or relate to the sheer hatred and contempt that is being hurled against them by the Left. Surely that hatred must be based on some sort of simple misunderstanding that could be resolved through an open and honest exchange of ideas. However, as warns columnist Kurt Schlichter, “The Left hates you. Act accordingly.”

When all that’s Left is hate, then it only stands to reason that oppositely polarized qualities of love, respect, and mutual consideration must be Just Right.

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