Oct 262017

Chief Smart

DIVISIVE CRISIS – WHEN UNITED WE FALL: Since the introduction of official multiculturalism, the preoccupation of politicians with race, ethnicity, culture, religion, and other group identities has now reached the level of obsession and absurdity, one that has exposed a clearly sinister objective: restricting freedom of speech.

In practice, multiculturalism is demonstrating itself to be little more than racism enforced as cultural “diversity” – offering an illusory pretense of racial harmony and “unity” that demands censorship in order to disguise the truth – that multiculturalism is the problem creating divisions and conflicts, not the solution.

Consequently, restricting free speech has become a necessity for the Left. As those who discuss these issues openly and honestly are experiencing, even Google has become obsessed with restricting discussions about cultural issues, particularly if those discussions concern Islam. Given that issues related to Islam constantly appear on the front pages of our newspapers and are the top stories in other media, it’s a discussion that simply cannot be avoided or evaded. Yet that’s exactly what’s being attempted.

Canada’s province of Quebec has surprisingly done the Right thing when it passed Bill 62, described by columnist Barbara Kay as a “religious neutrality law which will ban face covers in the giving and getting of public services.”

Seen as an affront to Muslims, Ontario Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne (fully supported by Progressive Conservative Patrick Brown) responded to the passage of Quebec’s Bill 62 in Ontario’s legislature:

“If we believe that difference is actually our strength, then we do the work to understand each other and not just tolerate each other, but love each other because of our differences.”

Beyond the sheer falsity of her claim that “differences” represent “strength,” as a political statement, demanding “love” is both offensive and immoral.

While pretending to speak about cultural and racial “differences” (meaningless collectives around which artificial group rights can be created), what Wynne is really talking about are the “differences” between Left and Right, real differences that all Leftists “work” to hide behind their “virtue signaling.”

Ask yourself a simple question: What can governments and bureaucracies possibly do that would be considered “work” with regard to ensuring that we all “love each other because of our differences?” Well, one recent example would be the Toronto District School Board busily expunging the word “chief” from its lexicon on the grounds that the word is offensive to aboriginals.

Sorry, chief. That’s not “love.”

We’ve already “done the work” and “understand” that the Left is utterly incompatible with anything that’s Right. The totalitarianism, tyranny, and artificially created group rights of the Left are utterly incompatible with the freedom, democracy, and true individual rights of the Right.

There is no “unity” possible between Left and Right. Any attempt at such can only take the form of one side defeating the other. Small wonder that the Left, which does everything it can to hide its own true identity, is also supportive of legally protecting face coverings in public. After all, hidden identities are a great “strength” to those with something to hide.

Meanwhile, in a stark and refreshing contrast to Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard – ironically another Liberal – says: “We are in a free and democratic society. You speak to me, I should see your face, and you should see mine. It’s as simple as that.”

Let’s “face it.” Liberal or not, he’s Just Right.

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