Oct 122017

Star Trek Discovery

The debut of the latest Star Trek series, Discovery, has certainly produced some highly polarized views. It has even generated some controversies that may have more to do with Donald Trump’s “America First” policies than with Discovery’s story itself.

It’s difficult to deny that the strongest reactions to Discovery have been the negative ones – those from fans disappointed with what they saw in the series’ first three episodes – we included. It’s also difficult to deny that whether or not Star Trek Discovery is great entertainment depends upon the eye of the beholder.

But a greater question has arisen, one concerning the Law of Identity: Does Discovery “pass the Star Trek smell test”? Is it “Star Trek”? Are there any objective ways to decide? Does it even matter? Or is this simply another matter to be settled by the “eye of the beholder”?

As a barometer of the times in which its stories were broadcast, the world of Star Trek itself has become increasingly transformed from one of individual rights and individual identity (the hallmarks of a free society) to one of group rights and group identities, with all of the implications that each suggests.

So it should not be too surprising to “discover” that even Donald Trump has been implicated in what’s happening in the world of Star Trek Discovery – events that parallel our own world affairs today.

Join us for an alien experience that begins with a Discovery of inconvenient truths uncovering the evil of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, the deceptive aims of the United Nations, and the fact that Donald Trump may be the world’s only voice of reason on the international front.

As Trump works to contain North Korea’s evil and to focus the aims of the United Nations to more productive ends, he may now find himself faced with another “critic” – Star Trek Discovery. Here’s hoping it’s an overstatement to suggest that Hollywood’s Left is now using one of America’s most powerful television symbols for the values of a free society – the Star Trek franchise – as a propaganda weapon against those very values.

But on first impression, the latest Star Trek addition – Discovery – certainly appears to have abandoned the vision and spirit of series creator Gene Roddenberry. Unless its writers and creators move quickly to recapture that spirit, Discovery may never shine enough even to produce a faint reflection of how brightly Star Trek shone when it was Just Right.

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