Nov 302019

Audio as broadcast on WBCQ

Peer pressure may be partly what is behind the firing of Don Cherry from Sportsnet’s Coach’s Corner.

The current cultural hegemony of the left prohibits any dissent or disagreement and even television executives, it seems, are not immune to its destructive force.

They either lack the inner strength to resist the societal tide or they lack the intellectual vocabulary to defend what is right.

Of course, there is always the other option and that is that they actually share the prevailing philosophy of ‘cancelling’ any objection to the order of things.

Whatever their reason for taking Grapes off the air, these people are poltroons and Cherry’s term “cuckaloos,” fits them to a T.

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  One Response to “The Cuckaloo Cancel Culture – The Danielle Metz Show 081”

  1. We understand as well the notion of a chilling effect. It is not simply a case that Don Cherry has been fired and that some other personality will take up the reigns. True to Leftism generally, something has been taken away and nothing better or even comparable comes to take its place.

    The chilling effect generated by the fear of one suffering reprisals for the words he utters will ensure that any future commentary programme will be nothing but a stale pabulum or bromides, predictable banter and hackneyed humour. Playing it safe, as it were, will end up in utterly uninteresting material. It is not Don Cherry that is being punished here. He is at an age now and has enough financial means to turn his back on it all. The people being punished are all those who enjoyed watching and hearing him over the years. It is they who now are being deprived of something they liked so much.

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