504 – Topics


00:03 Sticking to the Big Stick Tradition: Trump as a traditional president, Trump as nontraditional president, surprise attacks, attacking Assad’s military bases, Russia aside, mid east police actions, reinforcing America’s position, America’s role in enforcing international law, foreign policy as key issue, Wikileaks about Macron’s support of the Islamization of France, national boundaries and borders

14:25 Culture counts: French election results, globalists vs populists, European culture, economy vs culture, folly of appeasement, multiculturalism, France’s changing demographics, Macron vs Le Pen, Anglo-Saxon Gallic cultural contrasts, appeasing Islamists, Canada’s complicity

31:05 Across Korea’s Red line: Korean crisis, North Korea’s nuclear threat, China’s role, South Korea and Japan, America’s interest in region, North Korea as a hermit kingdom, nuclear extortion, Cuban missile crisis, North Korea – Iran – Lybia connection, weapons systems, unrestraining Japan, China’s move to capitalism, a new Hong Kong, pre-emptive measures now

45:45 Flipped wings – left and right: left and right philosophy switches, globalization and regulated free trade, NAFTA, cold war context, Canada’s reactive politics, Canada’s national stability, national interests of a great power, economics monopoly on politics, delayed correction, the fourth industrial revolution, coming political labour crisis

59:42 END