505 – Topics


00:03 In character: London’s Fringe Festival theatre productions, ideological chameleon, playwright – Noam Chomsky vs Rush Limbaugh, Justin Trudeau vs Kevin O’Leary, choosing director Robert Vaughan, icons of Western political rhetoric, acting profession, One Thing conductor, actor’s motivation, a personal socialist history, from socialist to libertarian

15:45 In the director’s seat: director’s choice, state of theatre, ideological parallels, only political plays, fringe advantage, Jon Focht, Brent Haugh, Andy Pettifer, hidden talent, downtown London limitations, Palace Theatre, flourishing theatre industry, the fringe circuit, exercise in team work, backstage adventures

29:35 What’s write for me is right for you: journalism’s economic issue, corporate net worth vs national GDP, economic disappointment, innumerate people, critical thinking, written experience, Dr Jordan Peterson, epistemological blank out, nanny state syndrome, life’s haters, control models

45:00 Closed set: audience live streamers, showings on June 1,3,5,7,9,10 – Palace Theatre- $14, conservatism’s religious component, life issues, altruism vs rational self interest, left vs right, love of self, love of others, guilt and religion, give us a tax break, charity’s sufferance, religion and morality – art and life, view from the pulpit, meaning of the story, life as an end in itself, the meaning of life

59:42 END