509 – Topics


00:03 Municipal munici-pals: Chris Graham, Melissa Hailey, Ontario’s liquor and beer laws, alcohol hazard for politicians, youngest elected councilors, Federation of Canadian Municipalities Conference in Ottawa, British Columbia’s municipal variances, Victoria, Central Saanich, Sidney, Toronto as a city state, conservatism, liberalism, BC’s ideological split, American ideological influences, Republicans and conservatives not right wing, Alberta’s internal system of electing mayors

15:00 Candidate at large: municipalities – business or government, municipalities in business, roads sewer and water services as municipal mandates, personal motivation for political involvement, pro-development vs no development, previous council totally replaced, activism in politics, youngest elected municipal candidates, family roots in politics, candidates at large vs fixed ward system, alternate voting systems, alternate municipal voting systems, Boards of Control, Ontario voting system becoming less democratic, representation

31:20 Micro-managers: municipal crime reduction, Federation of Canadian Municipalities – agendas, reduce laws to reduce crime, left-leaning municipalities – from infrastructure to social advocacy, climate change, social housing, social engineering, sticking to essential services, government as business vs government, high cost of housing in Canada, 15% tax on non-resident home buyers, housing supply and demand, from zoning to development permit micro-management, civil basis for zoning conflicts

47:30: Sussex Road a political thriller, election campaigns, election campaign spending, policy vs personality politics, differing municipal cultures, mayoralty bid, personal experience of public service on council, transit issues, amalgamation issues in BC, private garbage pick up, no Uber in BC, taxi cab monopolies and taxi licensing

59:42 END