512 – Topics


00:03 Crying of the wolf: Donald Trump – an assessment, one theme clear – Trump as the master of insult, Trump as a pugilist, CNN wrestling match, CNN’s fake Russia stories about Trump, Russian connections to Democratic Party, accusations of obstruction of justice, James Comey and Trump, no evidence on Trump and Russia, unfiltered tweeting, undignified presidents, wiretapping or surveillance, a serous and academic discussion on tweeting, direct connection to voters and public, media double standard – Democrats vs Republicans, no media scrutiny of Democrats

15:15 Coastal elite: fake news petards, McCain’s abdication of fighting for the people against Obama, Trump as master of insult and branding, low-energy Jeb Bush, little Marco, lying Ted Cruz, Crooked Hillary, power of tweeting, Haiku of American politics, Megan Kelly’s travails, no tape on Comey, Megan Kelly’s lost gamble against Trump, threat of Comey recording, two cultures – country vs coastal elite, Trump rises above identity politics

30:10 Media storm trumpers: Trump’s portrayal as lame duck president by media, 12-year low gas price in America, energy dominance shaking world economy, Trump’s unreported progress on budget cuts, smashing ISIS, fact vacuum in popular news media, how to get around fake news, Canadian – American contrasts, pressuring global change by leadership

43:50 Old Europe – New Europe – No Europe? G-20 Summit expectations, global policy shifts already made thanks to Trump, Trump meeting with nations on own, trip to Poland, Eastern Europe support of Trump policies, immigration policies, Hungarian history, Ottoman Empire, diluted cultural identities, Theresa May’s electoral set-back, urban vs country, Democrats for rich and poor, conservatives have no clue

59:42 END