513 – Topics


00:03 Playing dumb: feedback on the identity crisis and the primacy of consciousness, being right requires a learning process, playing dumb on philosophy, resisting clear definitions, anti-intellectual and anti-philosophical attitude, eternal concepts

14:45 Moral inversion strategy: disagreement with the primacy of existence, changing definitions vs the changing social world, unchanging standards, judging evil as good, judging good as evil, left and right, fascism is on the left, definitions matter, denying socialism

28:40 Repulsion – Left meets Right: staged debate: comparisons of the philosophical elements of left and right, resistance to discovering philosophy’s fundamentals, essential components of politics, justifying the moral basis of collectivism vs individualism, role of government – left or right, selfishness vs altruism – an inversion, moral justification, judge or judge not, collective identity

44:15 Causeless collectivism: choices and consequences, freedom of choice, primacy of consciousness (Plato), primacy of existence (Aristotle), causation, law of identity, determinism and free will, experience and sensation as identity, knowledge and relevance, fear of error, existence and establishment of truths

59:42 END