526 – Topics


00:03 Donald Trump’s lone voice of reason: Donald Trump’s first U.N. address, defining limits and consequences for North Korea, popular myths about America’s military role in the world, the true evil that is North Korea, more Trump Derangement Syndrome symptoms, dictators and dictatorships, war mongers, Trump’s moral objectives, Kim Jong Un’s very grounded military strategy

19:55 U.N.conscionable: the United Nations as appeasement to evil, Trump’s plans to reform the United Nations, Ayn Rand on communism and the UN, nations united for communism

28:09 Disappointing Discovery: debut of Star Trek Discovery, critics and criticisms, political correctness in Star Trek’s Federation, two camps on the new Star Trek, differing story formats, serialized stories, serialized series

52:50 Not Star Trek: not about heroes but losers, Discovery’s conflict with Star Trek’s established identity-values-audience, serial plot development – one story or many

59:42 END