527 – Topics


00:03 Views from the Left: feedback on PEGIDA rally, continual expressions of hatred and intolerance from the Left, polarizing the debate to the point of violence

15:00 Uncivilized Left: false accusations made against PEGIDA, Islamophobia and sharia law, leftist justifications for violence, private censors, avoiding the necessary discussion, Mark Vandermaas, complaint filed with CHRW radio, abandoning truth for balance

33:10 Hate is all that’s Left: Punching Nazis, The Left Hates You – Kurt Schlichter, no love at leftist unity protest, Sue-Ann Levy’s leftist love report from Toronto, why the left is the source of hate

46:50 Star Trek – reDiscovered: wars in the future, Star Trek series Discovery, transformation of the Star Trek philosophy and view of the future, Bill Shatner on Discovery, the Star Trek identity and legacy

59:42 END