528 – Topics


00:03 Spamming the discussion: Just Right updates and announcements, check your g-mail spam folders, Google’s campaign against diversity of viewpoints, Just Right e-mails being misdirected to spam by g-mail, disturbing trends in on-line media

12:45 Chief Concern: introducing the Danielle Metz Show, Toronto district school board’s banning of ‘chief’, offensive terms to aboriginals, ‘chief’ not an aboriginal word, term of honour considered slur, Canada as a stupid country, consequences of language manipulation, a threat to aboriginal culture, cultural appropriation keeps cultures alive, cultural names as historical markers, when bullets trigger, inclination to self-censor

31:55 When united we fall: the myth of ‘unity’, Left and Right polarization, unity as an anti-concept, unity and diversity have no intrinsic value, Left is opposed to unity, solution to unity is freedom, encouraging a polarized political environment, feedback on the Left’s hate, defining the ideas that are Left and Right, disagreement seen as disunity, true meaning of agreeing to disagree

48:40 Face off over face coverings: the law of identity, Quebec’s passage of Bill 62, Ontario’s objections to Quebec’s Bill 62, demanding love over tolerance, differences not about race but about left and right, Tarek Fatah questions his own left wing alignment, niqab issue to get worse, face covering issue a secular issue, diversity as an anti-concept, multiculturalism is racism enforced as diversity

59:42 END