540 – Topics


00:03 City state: state of the City Of London, mayor’s messages, business success as mayor’s success, negative towards private sector, positive on public sector jobs, London a Leftist Liberal city, London’s economic turmoil, fewer jobs today than when mayor took office, drug addiction crisis, homelessness greater than Toronto, culture change at city hall, high tax increases

16:50 Dead last: London’s unique problems, London last in employment rate labor force participation rate, third highest poverty rate in Canada, three million needles handed out to addicts, the Detroit rebirth experience, municipalities as employment agencies, municipal plan an obstacle to employment, ideological planning department, social engineering through municipal planning, municipal corruption and cronyism, traffic calming, shifting from private to public

33:50 Obsolete future: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) as social engineering, public transit in competition with cars, street culture problems, development charges, provincial support of BRT, corruption in Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation, deliberate creation of white elephants, cronyism and monument building, opposition to BRT over 80%, Uber and the taxi industry as public transit, buses soon to be obsolete

45:10 Up the poll: Jordan Peterson as a symbol of hope, London Institute’s first mayoralty election poll, Paul Cheng tops poll, more than half still undecided, mixing provincial federal and municipal politics, past misrepresentations about BRT costs and plan, drug issue at the municipal level, supervised injection sites, funding for climate change, correlation between unemployment and drugs

59:42 END