543 – Topics


00:03 The Nunes memo: the Nunes memo, clear evidence of the smear campaign against Donald Trump, illegal surveillance against Carter Paige, Christopher Steele’s fraudulent intelligence reports, story dwarfs Watergate scandal, the Russian connection – Christopher Steele, corruption of the FBI

15:27 The Deep State: FBI concerns about omitted facts, president is ultimate authority over facts released, highest level officers in FBI and DOJ corrupted by Democratic agenda, resignations and more resignations pending, media lost its credibility, death of investigative journalism, by-passing the media, mainstream media as arm of Democratic Party, the deep throat – follow the money story, Obama implicated in corruption, Hillary’s fake exoneration, assumption of Democratic electoral win, Watergate-Deep Democratic State historical comparison, weaponizing the Department of Justice, Obama as America’s most dishonorable president

31:45 Self correcting: state of America’s institutions, political self correction via we the people, upcoming mid-term US elections, standing up to the Deep State, who watches the watchers, weakest link is the fourth estate, Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post and paid hacks for journalists, growth of alternative media, ideological hatred of Donald Trump, idea of American exceptionalism, sovereign state vs globalism, the borderless world as a communist concept, Hitler and Nazism

45:35 California dreamin’: motivations for corruption, California’s transition from right to left, borderless world vs nation state, billionaires prefer a global market over a national market, California as a progressive left wing state, global immigration behind political shifts in America, San Francisco now like Calcutta, freedom as a constraint to business, controlling capitalism by business monopolists, re-empowering the people,

59:42 END