545 – Topics


00:03 Our double plus good one party system: feedback on definitions, racism, Left changing definitions, social deconstruction, tyranny and definitions, the destruction of concepts, political words, creating political change, Conservatism’s false identity, third party options under a two-party system, political polarity – Left and Right, Ayn Rand on Conservatism, two party system as embodiment of Left and Right

20:30 Regressive conservatives: Conservatism’s obituary, personal witness to Conservatism’s demise, Conservative unstated goals, Conservatism disdain for freedom, why Conservatives govern from the Left, conservatism’s Leftward political direction irrelevant to its supporters, who’s right vs who’s electable, five recommended Conservative policy planks, power at cost a Conservative failure

33:25 Meaningless superficialities: meaningful identity politics, feedback on the Ontario PC leadership debate, federal Conservative Andrew Scheer preaches socialism, voter frustration with political evasions and meaningless superficialities, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

43:42 BRT’s open house on closed option: London’s Bus Rapid Transit Open House propaganda campaign, meaningless superficialities about BRT sold as benefits, London’s municipal planning chaos, Ontario’s car charging network failure, newspeak on BRT, centralized municipal planning

59:42 END