546 – Topics


00:03 At war with trade: Trump’s tariff threats, Canadian reactions to steel and aluminum tariffs, national security justification, fear of trade wars

09:55 NAFTA disaster: Canada’s steel and aluminum trade imbalances, crony politics, meaning of a free market, free trade and trade agreements, NAFTA 2.0, national trade and local trade barriers

28:00 The good Samaritan: altruism’s accommodation of prohibited behavior, London’s Good Samaritan, offering rides to hospitals for money, Steve Orser’s $3000 donation, selfish motives behind altruism

45:35 The bad Samaritan: by-law enforcement officers not police, the false morality of altruism, altruism’s virtue signalers, ‘Nancy’s’ story, Jeff Schlemmer’s altruistic philosophy, giving back to society

59:42 END