556 – Topics


00:03 Cannibals: Ontario’s Election 2018, disappointment in Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party (PCs), Andrew Lawton’s politically incorrect past, no sense of humor on the Left, mentally ill views, PCs fail to defend their own, double standard – Lawton vs Granic Allen, the cannibalistic party

15:10 Not right in the first place: John O’Sullivan’s first law, the waiting game, Doug Fords non-parody ad, situational ethics, the problem with freedom, in whose interest, Freedom Party the unknown ideal, a betrayal too far, a brief review of PC policy reversals, sex ed, Ben Levin’s conviction, not a religious issue, discovery math, free speech on campus, state management of the economy, College of Trades

30:35 The greater evil: voter thoughts and commentaries, voters left in a quandary, insurance rate promises, blame in on no fault, minimizing the damage, from the lesser of two to the greater, bleak outlook for Ontario, compromising one’s voting principles, party platform and political direction, hopeful Conservatives, Doug Ford and Donald Trump, immigrants and millennials not registered to vote, failure to govern

45:10 Sanction of the victim: C.S. Lewis, tyrannies and oppression, questions to politicians on the campaign trail, altruism through force of law, independent thinking in politics, the nature of political party, no big tent parties, the principle of life-liberty-property, Freedom Party experience, lack of leadership, Ontario’s corrupted electoral process, party politics and democracy, race to outspend each other

59:42 END