558 – Topics


00:03 Stone soup: Ontario election, no pretense for responsible government, no concern for budgets, Wynne’s Liberals at bottom of polls, fiscal and social issues, frenzy of promised spending, lifeboat ethics in spending, ignorance or despair, the parable of stone soup, hunger for political representation, 60/40 theory, diminishing party loyalties

14:22 Progressively less conservative: Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party, PC income tax hypocrisy, tax credits and minimum wages, electricity price controls, child care planning by government, mass transit, rapid transit plan, BRT, the Soviet Man, Ontario spending based on politics not economics, grading the grants

31:20 Finding of facts: from fiscal focus to social focus, PC’s neither fiscally nor socially conservative, social conservatives being abandoned by PC party, resolving social issues is inexpensive, cannabis conundrum, due process not defended by PC, complaint driven kangaroo courts, failure in responsibility to police, free speech on campus

45:05 Reality gap: gender identity, gender gap, collectivism as justice, gender sex ed, the hidden gender agenda – to invalidate reality, age appropriate irrationality, phonics and child centered learning, age inappropriate illiteracy, ‘experiential’ learning, success for every student, selling artificial success and self esteem as education, short election period creates no informed voters

59:42 END