559 – Topics


00:03 Inconvenience by design: local media moves Leftward, municipal politics, upcoming new media opportunities, Chair London Transportation Committee, critic of Bus Rapid Transit, municipal advisory group on BRT, Agenda 21’s anti-car anti-capitalism agenda, improving mobility, London subsidizing the GTA’s transit, half billion dollar infrastructure deficit for London, Toronto’s dismal traffic system, Ontario’s inadequate road system, traffic calming for inconvenient driving

15:55 Unhealthy Approach: the drug problem, Venture London’s opposition to injection site, location of injection sites, London drug crisis among worst in Canada, 3 million needles handed out annually, health strategy not working – harm increasing, rise in addiction poverty and mental illness, 25% of homeless population in London from outside city, London social service sector among largest in Ontario, lowest labour force participation rate in London, over prescription of drugs, enabling destructive behaviour, anonymous addict, harm reduction completely unproven, harm reduction replaces rehabilitation, health units and crime stats, increase in crime is part of injection site, illegal drugs sold by illegal drug dealers on injection sites, organized crime growth around injection sites

30:50 Social services self-perpetuating cycle of self destruction: government destroys economy, government enables drug addiction, government creates increase in criminal activity, collapse of society, creating government jobs for poverty industry, people in crisis give up, poverty as a government created phenomenon, London’s high poverty rate accompanied by high growth in government poverty industry, harm reduction = socialism reduction, government dependence on dependency, responsibility an individual concept, Jordan Peterson’s solution of responsibility, reality and reason as human motivators, who to blame for corrupt politics, Deb Matthews’ constituency is the poverty industry, living on the poverty of others

46:15 Venture London: the injustice of Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment, the futility of protest, political alternative the only weapon, politicians unable and unwilling to address jobs crisis in London, creating jobs in London through Venture London, largest entrepreneurship centre in Canada, private and tech sector, $20 million commitment to Venture London, London Free Press no longer a credible media source – no objective journalism, artificial controversies created by media, from fake news to deceitful reporting, Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, balance vs what’s right

59:42 END