562 – Topics


00:03 Binary only: Left and Right – a review, the necessity and unavoidability of Left and Right, no center with a binary option, The Munk Debate on Left and Right

16:10 Right Left out: doubt and certainty, Right or effective, pragmatism for Leftists, Left and Right as devalued terms, totalitarianism on the Left and ‘identitarian’ Right, necessary voice of the Left,

30:20 Nothing reasonable Left: identity politics, freedom and responsibility are Right, National Socialist German Workers’ Party, socialism and fascism both Left, freedom of speech is Right

48:55 False dichotomies: no room for freedom on political spectrum, the corrupt middle, corruption of compromise, reactionaries and privilege, compromise eventually leads to the binary choice, discussion in a vacuum, nature of government, two natures of force and violence, individuals in groups – forced or voluntary,

59:42 END