565 – Topics


00:03 Reality appropriation: hero culture, political correctness, anti-concepts, SLAV made a slave to political correctness, cultural appropriation, artistic freedom, black and white as moral positioning, why feminists hate Sex And The City, intersectional feminist, Monty Python declared ‘too white’ for British TV

17:50 Viewpoint diversity: Professor Rick Mehta on political correctness, left-right imbalance on campus, threat to free speech, social justice, white guilt, political polarization, knowing evil, sex and sexuality

35:40 Facing the evil of political correctness: discovering the reality of the Left, fascism of the mind, stories legends and culture, the light of reality, from each according to his ability, prescription for slavery,

45:35 Hell on earth: the two poles, conservative intrinsicism, individualism, heaven and hell exist only on earth, moral standard, why morality matters, false contrasts – morality and consumerism, consent as the moral standard,

59:42 END