566 – Topics


00:03 Taxation and climate change: a sound tax, taxes as fines, fines as taxes, property rights issues vs environmental issues, enforcement of pollution laws, the climate change myth as carbon taxation’s story, Conrad Black on pollution and the Paris Climate Accord

16:10 Climate derangement syndrome: panel critique – Ken Eastwood – Lisa Brandt – Kate Graham – Andrew Lawton – on climate change and carbon taxation, CO2 facts, fighting climate change an irrational goal, pollution, green socialism, priorities, taxation, conservatism, when persuasion fails use force

40:15 Common ignorance: lack of common knowledge about climate, CO2 as a benefit to life on earth, paths to knowledge about climate change, a brief history of Just Right’s track record on climate change

52:10 Inconveniently Screwed: deference to false authorities, Left and Right on the facts, author Dave Plumb distributes his book to Ontario PC MPPs, official science at odds with real science

59:42 END