567 – Topics


00:03 Intelligence Quota: Jordan Peterson’s London appearance at Centennial Hall, Dave Rubin’s appearance a surprise, advance media negative, avoiding protests, event security, old media – new media, podcast power, validity and history of IQ tests, race and IQ

11:50 The lobster trap: hierarchies and community structure, hierarchies and achieving ends, the Lobster analogy, difference in human behavior, hierarchies as natural, hierarchies and free will, family hierarchies, political hierarchies, Peterson on religion and politics, changing allegories and definitions, defining God, cryptic language, hierarchy of values, Peterson’s search for truth

29:30 Hierarchy of values: sacrifice, who does one sacrifice, Christ as symbol of self sacrifice, religious vacuum, threat of nihilism, morality as sacrifice, morality as rational self interest, society mindset, religion’s moral monopoly, Russian revolution and sacrifice, sacrifice or investment, hierarchies of value, maintaining connection with reality, why atheists aren’t, chicken and egg phenomenon, social media and education

48:25 Atlas rearranged: from the horse’s mouth, Vladimir Putin’s interview with Chris Wallace, fielding tough questions, patience for a full answer, deflecting questions by blaming others, Russia’s transition from its past, Putin – Trump meeting, NATO’s moves in Crimea seen ‘very negatively,’ Crimean referendum as democratic choice, changing political atlas of Ukraine area, Russian election intervention, Russian preferences in US elections, Putin and Trump operating from points of national self interest

59:42 END