569 – Topics


00:03 Sex Derangement Syndrome: syndromes, derangement, sex derangement syndrome, Gad Sadd’s idea pathogens, feminist canine gender study, dog myths, hierarchical structure in dogs, compulsory heterosexuality

17:15 Dancing with derangement: Gad Saad’s dinner date with irrationality, epistemological manipulation, restricting the conversation, anti-sex thinking, concept destruction, contradiction as justification, heterosexuality as forced patriarchy, denial of biological identity, the objectivity of language, feminist hatred of heterosexual women, the high heel phenomenon

33:25 From toys to pornography: gender toy preference, nomological network of cumulative evidence, biological adaptation, gender preferences – from toys to pornography, pornography and male sexuality, innate sex differences in sexual fantasies, glamour, Miss America pageant ends swim suit contest – devalues physical beauty

52:00 Beauty’s value: Venezuela’s beauty contests, women’s studies, feminist devaluation of physical beauty, the nature of beauty, the objectivity of beauty, beauty and harmony

59:42 END