571 – Topics


00:03 Bernier’s party bomb: Maxime Bernier departure from Conservative Party of Canada, Bernier’s new party – prospects and possibilities, principled or personal, supply management’s significance and symbolism, threat of political party, Bernier’s support in Alberta and Quebec, federal Conservative Party still in infancy, Trump’s trade wrench in Canadian politics

11:37 Divided they fall: Conservatives on the defence, Left united, Right fragmented, limitless Left, limited Right, reasons for division on the Right – unity on the Left, Scheer’s victory over Bernier in leadership race, weighing the weighted party election rules, representation by area and representation by popular vote, ranked ballot a source of problem, party rules a party matter, constitutional protections

30:50 Adjective to government: political parties – leaders or followers, incrementalism, conservative apologists for conservatism, liberal moral high ground, Dick Field’s reflections on Canadian values, Canada’s deadly culture virus, failure to define Canadian culture and values, conservative divisions within conservatism limits discussion, conservative as adjective, limited government, libertarians and less government

46:00 Binary incrementals: implementing incrementalism, binary issues, incremental issues, taxes – consumption vs income, conservative incrementalism vs liberal radicalism, Andrew Scheer’s ego war a deflection from principle, Bernier’s opposition to forced racial diversity, diversity as adjective, obsession with race, Canadian history lesson, Canada’s disintegrated culture, Trudeau’s racism symbolic

59:42 END