600 – Topics


00:03 Stupid feedback: power of the internet, Christchurch New Zealand terrorist attack, feedback, Greg Johnson views diametrically opposed to Just Right, ominous attitude parallels with New Zealand terrorist

11:00 Unraveling the news twists:CBC News twist on New Zealand terrorist attack, Ben Shapiro’s disappointing manifesto, attack as a social media phenomenon, far right extremists, no such thing as far left in media, censoring view on the right due to crimes of the left, learning to understand terrorists, media speculation on motives, terrorist transparency of ideas, white culture, green naturalism, population control, eco-fascism, ethnic autonomy is segregation – not supremacist, anti-individualism, the Trump card, terrorist holds views of the Democrats, racism as a value, the Hitler card

33:15 A Leftist’s Manifesto: The Great Replacement Toward A New Society, consistencies with the Left, direct action, create conflict, attack not for fame, partisan action against occupying force, moral justification, inverted ethics, crazy ideology, philosophical handicap, right-left-socialist – depending on definition, radicalized by Candace Owens, action without direction, pragmatism, diversity as weakness, China as ideal country, primacy of emotion, oppression of minorities, capitalism the enemy of racism

44:25 The label gun: partisan associations, Chelsea Clinton unjustly criticized, anti-Semitic Democrats, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Globe and Mail – right wing propaganda smear, mainstream fake news about terrorist’s motivations, racism as segregation and as diversity

59:42 END