604 – Topics


00:03 Sexual tsunami: socialism’s anti-sex agenda, the #MeToo era and the court of public opinion, John Lasseter, equating ‘inappropriate’ behavior with rape, destroying the concept of consent, affirmative consent

17:55 Affirmatively not: Bill Cosby as victim of continued #MeToo injustice, voices of the Left turn to the Right, Heritage Foundation panel, gender vs sex, gender concepts a threat to homosexuality, sexual agenda of the Left, affirmative consent is not consent

35:15 Trans-gressions: gender politics as child abuse, the binary nature of sex, Leftist censorship, definitions not arbitrary but objective, Law of Identity, rape crisis centre threatened by gender politics

48:40 The nature of consent: feminism’s self-destructive path, societal breakdown the goal, fake news, no investigative journalism, censorship aims only at the truth, the one-sided court of public opinion, breakdown of due process, consent is a condition, consent and consensus, consent of the governed

59:42 END