631 – Topics


00:03 Let us alone: getting back to basics, the road to laissez faire, human advancement dependent upon individual achievement, voices of freedom, Ayn Rand, Leonard Peikoff, Yaron Brook, John Macmurray, Isobel Paterson, Ludwig Von Mises, Thomas Sowel, Walter Williams, Milton Friedman, personal influences in freedom, origins of laissez faire

20:15 Life, liberty, property: the right to life and the abortion question, discomfort with capitalism, brothers’ keeper philosophy, social benefits without coercion, government as a gun – police – military – courts,

32:50 The poverty trap: selfish motives behind expressions of altruism, security vs freedom, altruism and charity, taking steps in the right direction, taxation and government financing, fear of poverty in a socialist environment, poverty increasing with growth of welfare state, virtuous poor and sinister poor

48:55 Cycles of increasing poverty: soaring housing costs, failing government stimulus, stagnant economic performance in Canada, deficit government spending, increasing government debt and fears for the future

59:42 END