632 – Clips & Credits


(A) Castle 813 (Immigrants make this country great)
(B) Louder With Crowder, Steven Crowder, Nov 13 2019 (Cancel culture, cancel Cherry)
(C) The Rebel News, David Menzies, Nov 14 2019 (A sign of cancel culture)
(D) CKTBam640, Tom Mcconnell, Nov 11 2019 (Terry, Tony, Clark, Murray)
(E) CKTBam640, Tom Mcconnell, Nov 15 2019 (Clark, Jimmy, Leo, Richard)
(F) CJBKam1290 Round Table, Ken, Lorena, Sara, Nov 15 (White out)
(G) Irving Twin, YouTube (You people)
(H) Laughin, Sammy Davis Jr (Cotton pickin’ land speculation)

Hosted By: Bob Metz