632 – Topics


00:03 Cherry pickin’: Don Cherry’s dismissal from Coach’s Corner, interpreting ‘you people,’ interpretations of ‘who come here’, critics of Cherry – Rick Salutin – Denise Balkisson – Chris Selley – Scott Stinson – Postmedia News

18:00 Cancel Culture: Cancel Culture as a phenomenon of multiculturalism, milk and honey, what the poppy commemorates, supporters of Cherry – Rex Murphy – Spencer Fernando, Canadian Legion condemns Cherry

38:20 Dinosaurs: Tom McConnel’s dinosaur views, associative thinking, dismissing observation as valid, immigration and the housing crisis, collectivism versus individualism, ‘whatever it is’, xenophobia, the real divisive forces are Left and Right

52:00 You people: Jessica Allen’s racist diatribe on The Social, racism against white people, false definition of racism, accurate definition of racism

59:42 END