637 – Topics


00:03 Compounding error: the ongoing climate derangement syndrome, the real crisis is in politics, making public presentations for service clubs, lack of common knowledge and skills, Ontario high school curriculum on climate change, Milankovitch cycles, Navier-Stokes equation, Climate Essentials, climate currently as stable as it has ever been, climate change politics is what is not stable, social sciences and humanities the source of most climate change propaganda, lack of public confidence in resisting propaganda, CO2 is two thirds (73%) oxygen, basic science eludes too many, we do things differently now

13:03 Rationing irrationality: Greta Thunberg proclaimed person of the year, education system and teachers, PTSD and climate anxiety caused in children, mental health impacts, teachers do not study science of climate – just the curriculum, climate terrorism as child abuse, child centered learning and group think, climate crisis rationing, climate crisis as our third world war, creating hysteria, Pacific Ocean cooling, cooling-not warming as cause of California fires, Greta Thunberg syndrome, anti-capitalist motivation

31:50 Weathering the political climate: climate scientists, meteorologists, climate knowledge limited to atmospheric conditions, Jupiter’s gravitational effects on earth’s climate, cycle of eccentricity, gravitational forces, inter-glacial period, plants strip carbon from the CO2 and releases oxygen, greening the planet

45:55 Climate essentials: taking action against the false news, spreading the word, inconvenientlyscrewed.com, Climate Essentials, vague sense of unease about climate change propaganda, political realm – PPC and FPO, carbon taxation is the bottom line of all political climate arguments, carbon rationing, frustration and discouragement, humanity as a continuum, future re-glaciation of the northern hemisphere, leading edge of glaciation, creating a crisis – the immediacy factor, Climate change BS = Bad Science, pursuing honesty in climate science

59:42 END