639 – Topics


00:03 Bully tactics: Iran and America, Iran’s bully tactics over downing of Flight 752, Iran’s nuclear weapon ambitions, bully to the people, Iranians protesting against Iranian government, visiting Iran, Peter Santenello, separating the people of Iran from their government, painting a portrait of Iranians

11:15 We love Americans: the sobering reality of Iran, Iran as a ‘first world’ country with a third world government, Iran’s modern infrastructure, risk of North America adopting politics of Iran, symbolic miniskirt, effect of economic sanctions, changing conditions inside Iran, every young person wants out, Iranian passengers on Flight 752, Iranians’ love of Americans

35:08 Deadly combination: more expressions of love for Americans, mixing politics and religion, distance between Iranian people and their government, faith and force as destroyers of the modern world, faith in climate change, imposing religion through politics and government, Islam is about submission – not agreement, the West’s secular religions, new combinations of faith and politics, government as a gun

46:35 Death to traffic: Donald Trump on sanctions and tariffs, taking the Iranian government’s threats serously, taking Donald Trump seriously, bully politics, tariffs versus sanctions, Trump’s measured military responses, Trump’s respect for human life, Trump’s declared concern for the people of Iran, the Iranian government’s death cult, politics makes for strange bedfellows, history and culture, Zoroastrianism

59:42 END