645 – Topics


00:03 Dyer straits: climate change con, Freedom Party dinner, Gwynne Dyer’s denial of truth, conspiracy to cast doubt, Donald Trump January/19 appearance in Davos, Trump suggests Greta Thunberg needs anger management, additional travel bans, fake news, Dyer’s anti-capitalist bias, Dyer’s call for criminal liability of climate change ‘deniers’

16:55 Carbonated propaganda: Greta Thunberg’s September 2019 United Nations address, How dare you, Thunberg’s evil ideology, technological contradiction, no business as usual, anti carbon dioxide propaganda

28:10 Carbon copy emergencies: Patrick Moore banned in Regina, municipal declarations of a climate emergency, the benefits of carbon dioxide, Reimagine Regina Conference, praising China, political virtue signalling, Trudeau claims climate fight helps economy

45:20 How dare they: denying climate change denial, the facade of fighting climate change, the climate changers evil ideology, climate change lies and falsehoods, climate change anxiety, Canadian Mental Health Association, CMHA’s political prescription for climate change anxiety in children

59:42 END