647 – Topics


00:03 Pre-caution: assessing government reactions to COVID-19, tyranny of the precautionary principle, making decisions without reliable data, when government violates rights, conditions of liberty and its restriction, continuing uncertainty about COVID-19

14:35 Critical condition of critical care: exclusive perspective from the emergency department, role of public health, public attitudes towards virus, critical care in critical condition, morality and ethics of health care priorities, the economic value of human life, an event of evil magnitude, when saving lives is not heroic, China’s history of callous disregard for human life, fears of a shutdown, where the line is drawn

36:55 Hammer and nails: unconscionable laws passed by Canadian governments, Saskatchewan law threatens jail and fines for failing to self isolate, meaningless statistics used to justify tyrannical laws, Ontario premier Doug Ford orders closure of all non-essential work places in Ontario, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attempts to circumvent parliamentary discipline, unintended health care harm,

53:10 Spread the liberty virus: a coming change in the coronavirus conversation, governments declaring emergencies, a cure worse than the disease, holding politicians responsible for the damage they do, using emergency declarations as justification for rights violations, political decisions made on predictions and not evidence

59:42 END