648 – Topics


00:03 Worse than the disease: coronavirus, chloroquine, governments spreading fear, predictions that things will get worse, most people concerned about money and personal security due to government actions, daily statistical updates, cases are not crisis, crucial two weeks behind us, crucial two weeks ahead of us

09:15 Doug Ford’s virtue signal: Ontario Premier Doug Ford condemns price gouging and hording, altruism as motivation, Ford ignoring law of supply and demand, governments seizing control of economy and private business, crisis of shortages precipitated by government, fascism as government means of control, pulling the trigger on fascism

28:15 Lies, damn lies, and statistics: serious problems with COVID-19 statistics, numerators and denominators, coronavirus has been here longer than most think, bad data, government playing games with coronavirus and COVID-19 names, false statistics based on false epistemology, SARS-CoV-2 versus COVID-19 definitions, government purposely spreading ‘unclear’ communication

52:05 Nations re-stated: European Union’s inability to deal with COVID-19 crisis, European nations re-assert borders and act in own self interest, no guarantees that economy will recover, jobs may not return after pandemic, psychological damage to investment climate, playing the statistical waiting game

59:42 END