649 – Topics


00:03 Political plague: separating the coronavirus crisis from the shut down crisis, limited governments exercising unlimited powers, emotional plague, police state, snitch lines, more lies and statistics, SARS-CoV-2 is the virus, COVID-19 is the disease, flattening the curve will not reduce expected ‘cases’, politicians killing the economy by resorting to fascism

17:45 The greater threat: Anthony Mueller on how gullible politicians promoted the destruction of the global economy and threw us into the abyss of serfdom, revising flawed coronavirus model projections, unprecedented reaction to normal virus outbreak, the coming recession, politics always wins, London Ontario police laying charges for not social distancing, $750 minimum fine, maximum fine $100000 plus a year in jail

35:20 How ventilators kill COVID-19 patients: World Health Organization (WHO) declares families the main source of viral spread, WHO seeks authority to enter family homes to seize those with virus, ventilators are deadly for COVID19 patients. massive health complications following ventilator use, alternatives to ventilators, cure worse than the disease

52:45 Grim projections: holding all the cards in the COVID-19 pandemic game, projections based on circular logic and statements of faith, the ‘it would have been worse’ argument, the ‘stay at home’ argument, the ‘saving lives’ argument, Ontario doctors told to stop prescribing hydroxychloroquine, health care shortage and rationing, those in power delight in keeping crisis going as long as possible

59:42 END