650 – Topics


00:03 South-west of Corona: SARS-CoV-2 virus, COVID-19 disease, emerging possibility that virus was engineered in a Wuhan lab, unlike any other virus, political creation of a permanent state of emergency, why are our governments doing this

15:00 Viral possibilities: herd immunity, hydroxychloroquine, SARS-CoV-2 virus unlike other viruses, ventilators no longer needed, unusual symptoms of COVID-19 patients, hospitals underwhelmed, deaths due to shut down

32:00 Doctoring the state: Canadian Mounties to arrest self-isolation violators, Trudeau calls current situation the new normal, a fascist public, valuing some lives against other lives, people dying due to universal lock down, science and statistics, doctors banning all health and safety risks, doctors and fascism

45:10 State – of emergency: plans to re-open country, living in the police state, outright violations of Canadian Bill of Rights, politicians not interested in resolving COVID19 crisis, Donald Trump’s biggest decision

59:42 END