651 – Topics


00:03 Misinformation disinformation: Canadian government open to laws fighting pandemic misinformation, Wuhan lab, lab manufacturing SARS CoV-2 virus, restarting the economy, fake news remedy, only truth is ever censored, the Karla Holmoka misinformation campaign

18:00 Theories and Conspiracies: acting on unknowns, precautionary principle on steroids, pandemic conspiracies, Epoch Times documentary: Tracking Down The Origins Of The Wuhan Coronavirus

30:25 Chimera: John Loftus on Russia’s releasing of the COVID-19 virus, Chimera, Russian bio-weapons,why the COVID-19 virus is not just new but unique, Russia blackmailing China with vaccine

54:30 The politics of hydroxychloroquine: refusal of Canadian authorities and politicans to endorse hydroxychloroquine, anti-Trump bias

59:42 END